About Us

The Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP) is a comprehensive support system providing home buyers with the knowledge, options, and finances needed to take the leap to home ownership. We support newcomers to Canada, young families, and professionals map out and execute a plan that is unique to their financial situation.

REAP was founded in the Greater Toronto Area in 2013 as a comprehensive support system to assist a wider population of prospective home buyers to make the leap into home ownership. REAP is a unique initiative that facilitates the recycling of community wealth back into the community. Through REAP's work, first-time home buyers have been given the hope of home ownership by finding strategies to make housing affordable to individuals in a range of living conditions.

The REAP Program is a homegrown initiative that connects developers, builders, lenders, lawyers and insurance companies to bring down the upfront costs of buying a home.

We provide three key elements that help make the dream of home ownership a practical reality: attractive home prices, forgivable equity loans (providing down payments) and a shared appreciation plan that provides homebuyers with a financial stake in the equity of their new home. The longer a home buyer lives in their REAP home, the larger their share of its appreciation to a maximum of 75 percent.

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