We find that the best way to shape the public's ideas about who we are and what we offer is by sharing some of the stories we've helped. These people –  once skeptics themselves –  have broken free from the rental cycle and moved into beautiful homes in great parts of the city thanks to us. Granted, these families likely would have purchased a home with their own finances one day...but  thanks to our REAP Home Ownership Program, that day arrived far sooner than they had dreamed possible.

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“The experience with the REAP Home Ownership Program was great,” says Patrick . “The help from banks to lawyers and the staff at REAP was excellent. It was a smooth and easy process.”

Patrick  bought a townhouse , complete with new appliances, plumbing fixtures, cabinet doors, carpet and linoleum, wood trim and paint. It also came with a fenced backyard and a dedicated parking stall.

Prior to buying his REAP home, Patrick  rented a condo which actually had higher monthly costs compared to his current mortgage.

“My REAP home is much more affordable and has lower monthly costs, including all utilities,” says Patrick . “The condo I rented was lovely, but this is my own home. It’s so much nicer.”

Patrick Pool,

“I was amazed at how easy it was. At the first meeting, I sat down with a REAP team member and we wrote down my goals, needs and wants. They also helped me create a financial plan and action timeline. A week later, I was informed that I had a mortgage and units to look at. I checked out the floor plans and found my ideal condo. The next day, I took the home education course and I am very happy to say that then I had my condo.”


John McCoist,

Sam is an insurance professional and for several years she wanted the financial stability and freedom that came with homeownership.

“I love the fact that it's mine, nobody is increasing my rent, and no landlords want to access the property,” says Sam.

“REAP certainly helped me get on the property ladder a lot sooner. I had a three-year plan just to try and save five percent.”

“It helps knowing that you can get a mortgage and that someone is giving you that lift up where it's needed [with the down payment assistance].”


Sam Kromstain,

"We've rented a lot of places. We've jumped from a lot of places. We recently just left a really old house and we could not find rent anywhere else."

"We didn't plan on buying a home. We didn't think it would be possible. Now we just purchased an apartment condo with REAP's assistance and recently moved in with our three children."

Sharon Pears,