The Real Estate Assistance Program is a comprehensive support system providing home-buyers with the knowledge, options, and finances needed to take the leap to home ownership. We support newcomers to Canada, young families, and professionals map out and execute a plan that is unique to their financial situation. 
Interest Free Down payment would be donated to the Recipient to purchase Home 
The Home-Buyer goes through a selection process by referral or application submission. In order to see if you qualify, a number of criteria will be taken into consideration including: Income, Length of employment, Credit Score, Mortgage qualification, and Level of need. 
Funding comes from a number of outlets including Corporate Partnerships, Investors, and Donors. 
Cost of homes will vary. This will be determined by your household income. 
Donations are accumulated to contribute to the funding of interest-free down payments for first-time home buyers.. 
Home owners will sit down with a REAP representative to discuss the option of REAP purchasing the home from the owner. 
There are a number of ways you can get involved with the R.E.A.P. program. Select "Participation" in the navigation menu to explore which method of involvement is best for you.