Our Organization

Meet the energetic members of the REAP team dedicated to meeting your needs

At REAP, we are proud of our dedicated team, which is comprised of top professionals from a range of backgrounds. Despite our varied expertise, the most important common denominator across the team is our focus on providing homebuyers with the knowledge, options, and finances needed to take the leap to home ownership.

We are deeply committed to community development and the empowerment of individuals. We value helping people make educated decisions and wish to create a support system that allows you to do so in order to see your goals into actualization. Together, with the REAP Team, Corporate Partners, Investors, Donors, Volunteers, and REAP members, anything is attainable.

By collaborating, we take the future of our entire city into our own hands. We look forward to having an opportunity to demonstrate to you the impact what owning your home can have on your own life and the broader community.


Aaron Charles (Founder)

Aaron Charles is a Real Estate Investor and Licensed Realtor with Dream Maker Realty, managing over 5 million dollars in Real Estate Assets.