REAP Home Ownership Program


The Benefits of REAP


The Home Ownership Program supports homebuyers that are interested in purchasing and are experiencing some trouble saving for a down payment. Upon qualification and the pre-approval of the mortgage, REAP will help homeowners with their downpayment through our resources and inventory.

Building Community

  • In addition to tangible financial benefits, homeownership brings substantial social benefits for families, communities and the country as a whole
  • Higher educational achievement
  • Civic participation
  • Decrease in crime
  • Wealth creation

Affecting Families

  • Children perform better in school
  • Families are happier & healthier
  • Reduces reliance on social services
  • Generational Wealth Creation
  • Self-Confidence increases
  • Financial security


In order to qualify for the Home Ownership Program there is a series of criteria that interested home-buyers must first meet. Take a look at the following criteria to see if you will qualify. We understand that you may be unsure whether you will qualify. If that is the case, we encourage you to still submit an application or speak to a representative about your concerns. We also welcome you to refer anyone you feel may benefit from the Home Ownership Program. 

We especially encourage first-time home-buyers, new immigrants, single-parent households, households with dependents, and victims of family violence to apply.

  • Secure Income 40k +
  • Full time employed 2yrs +
  • Credit Score 650+
  • Able to Qualify for mortgage through conventional financing
  • 2% of purchase priced saved towards closing cost
  • First Time home buyer
  • Level of need
  • Purchaser has intentions to purchase property as principal residence
  • Ability to financially support a household