Who Are We?

Our History

As a child growing up in the Mount Dennis community of Toronto - a neighbourhood recognized by the local governments as "at risk"- Aaron Charles was deeply troubled by the rare sight of home ownership in his family and in his broader community. At a young age, he was driven to find a way to support families in rising out of poverty and into building generational wealth. This drove his interest to learning the ins-and-outs of the real estate industry as his instrument for success. Referring to his own lifestyle changes, Aaron Charles has been quoted saying “real estate has saved my life”, and would like to “use real estate to save the lives of others as well”.

As Aaron gained a better understanding of the financial situation of people close to him, he started to recognize the amount of money that was wasted by paying rent their entire lives. Since 2009, Aaron has paired with a number of partners in dedicating time and efforts to helping families get on the path to home ownership. The Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP) was founded in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton in 2013 as a comprehensive support system to assist a wider population of prospective home-buyers in accessing the knowledge, finances and options available needed to make the leap to home ownership. REAP is a unique initiative that facilitates the recycling of community wealth back into the community. Through R.E.A.P.'s work, first-time home-buyers have been given the hope of home ownership by finding strategies to make housing affordable to individuals in a range of living conditions.

Building Partnerships: REAP and Dream Maker Realty

After two decades of real estate experience, Dream Maker Realty noticed the substantial gap in home ownership among racialized minorities within Hamilton and the GTA. In an effort to address this persisting issue, Dream Maker Realty and the Real Estate Assistance Program have bonded to form a resilient partnership devoted to bringing about education and awareness to the community. Dream Maker Realty has made an immense commitment by providing Financial Wealth Building Services, Investments,Education, Finance, Property Management and Development to the community through the REAP Program.  REAP  and Dream Maker Realty are committed to bringing about positive change in our communities and building generational wealth for years to come.

A commitment to community development and the empowerment of individuals by ensuring they are equip with the support needed to see their goals into actualization. 
Breaking down racial, socioeconomic and other barriers that prevent access to wealth and prosperity especially regarding the attainment of homeownership in the GTA and Hamilton, Ontario. 
Strength is in numbers. Together with the R.E.A.P. Team, Corporate Partners, Investors, Donors, Volunteers, and R.E.A.P. members anything is attainable. By collaborating, we take the future of our entire city into our own hands.
Encouraging REAP Alumni to pave the pathway for future home owners by sharing their knowledge, experiences and wealth with others. 
Helping people to achieve their legal right to own their own home by securing the well-being of future generations, moving families and individuals through social stratification and upwards in the system of social hierarchy..


Better to give than receive: moving from wealth Accumulation to Wealth Distribution and Building Families one Brick at a time.


We want all Torontonians to live in safe, comfortable spaces that they can truly call home.